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Log Book/ New car Servicing

The qualified technicians at Andrews Autos are able to carry out log book servicing of New cars without jeopardizing the government legislated statutory warranty of the vehicle.



Andrews Autos can tailor a service to suit you and your cars needs. Our services are split into three main areas and from there you can delete or add as you wish.

Lubrication Service

The engine will have a flush agent run through the motor to assist in removing harmful sludge and carbon deposits. The engine oil and filter is changed and all other fluids and lubricants are checked for their condition and level.


62 Point Inspection

This inspection includes checks on top and underneath the vehicle to ensure safety, reliability and serviceability. The vehicle is road tested and any faults found are noted and graded according to importance.

Check Engine Tune

This can be carried out to check just how the engine is performing and whether or not particular tune related items need to be replaced or serviced such as the air filter, spark plugs, fuel filter, high tension leads and throttle body.

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Roadworthy Inspection

It is a legal requirement that all vehicles used on Victorian roads must comply with current roadworthy regulations enforced by Vic Roads.

A roadworthy inspection is to ensure that the condition of the vehicle will not cause or contribute to an accident and in the event of an accident that the condition of the vehicle will not cause or contribute to further injury. The effect the vehicle may have on the environment is also a concern therefore any noise or pollutants are also considered during the inspection.

Child Restraint Fitting

Carried out by our fully trained technicians to ensure correct, firm, safe and compliant fitting of the restraint. You’ll notice the difference.


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