Roadworthy Certificate (RWC) in Pakenham & Officer

Do you know whether your car is fit to be driven on the roads? Our vehicle inspection and road worthy certification (RWC) will remove any kinds of doubts you may have concerning the roadworthiness of your vehicle..

We all need assurance that the vehicles on the road are safe. The lives of road users depend on all drivers maintaining their vehicles in a roadworthy condition. A vehicle inspection carried out in accordance with Vic Roads requirements and roadworthy certificate from Andrews Autos can give provide this assurance.

A RWC is required

  • Upon registration of a vehicle
  • When you transfer registration of a vehicle
  • Upon transfer of registration from interstate
  • If a defect notice requesting a roadworthy inspection has been issued against a vehicle

Vehicle Inspection

It is of utmost importance to check the vehicle’s roadworthy certificate if you are buying a used car because a RWC gives you satisfaction that the car you are about to buy is in a safe condition to drive. In the same way, it is of great help if the car you are about to sell has a RWC, as it communicates the worth of your car to potential buyers.

Andrews Autos has competent car Mechanic that will perform professional vehicle inspections and pinpoint any areas that require servicing, repair or maintenance. We have the skills, the tools and the expertise to do a top quality job of your vehicle’s inspection. We conduct a thorough inspection of your vehicle from inside out, making sure all parts are in a safe condition. A roadworthy inspection includes all items that may cause or contribute to an accident or in the event of an accident may result in further injury.

RACV vehicle inspections are also carried out in our workshop. This type of inspection is particularly useful if considering buying or selling a vehicle as it is an overall inspection of the vehicles mechanical, body and electrical conditions. Body inspections are useful when there is a possibility that the vehicle may have been poorly repaired after an accident or may have been submerged in water or exposed to salt air/water conditions. The RACV pre-purchase inspections are a good selling tool to prove the condition of the vehicle you are trying to sell.

All this makes travelling from Officer, Beaconsfield, Pakenham, KooWeeRup or Nar Nar Goon, to Andrews Autos for your car needs a worthwhile experience