I am an old school qualified A Grade automobile engineer with the VACC. I started this business in 2003 but my association with the RACV began 20 before that when I was employed with their technical department.

Through my experiences and over time I have come to know what the customer expects of a service provider and as a result the business is committed to continuous improvement through regular meetings, self assessment, and constantly monitoring the business operations.


We have affiliated ourselves with some key organisations such as REPCO ,RACV and the VACC and in doing so have developed many systems to ensure that our high quality standards meet their requirements and expectations and that these are benefits passed on to our customers.

Andrews Autos is a great business with excellent staff working together to deliver an excellent service. I’m proud of it and hope you will be too.

Common Questions

Why your own business ?

Ans: 20 years with the RACV and during that time I saw a lot of workshops and thought I can do that and I can do it better.

Why Andrews Autos?

Ans: I thought in the beginning my name was my biggest asset as a lot of people knew me as the RACV man, but now its become much more than that. Now it means me, my business is a representation of me. Its the presentation I expect. Its the personal service I want. Its the quality and honesty I want, so thats what I want to provide. I will always be answerable.

So what is your mission statement?

Ans: It’s simple. “To meet then exceed the customers expectations every time

Our customers come here for qualified motor mechanics all with different experience and able to combine their knowledge for carefull observation, diagnosis and problem solving. Each of them understands what the business is about, what’s expected and the system of procedures we go through to make it happen. They know that we make money by keeping the customer happy and that a good referral is the most cost effective form of advertising. Our focus is on delivering quality service through quality parts and quality workers. We hope your experience with Andrews Autos will be a positive and memorable one, thank you. Andrew.